Before you book a traditional hotel for your upcoming business trip or vacation, consider the alternative; Serviced living experience from Meridian Apartments. We offer all the amenities of traditional hotels, but with the space, comfort and privacy of a full residential apartment. With savings that any informed traveller will appreciate. Meridian Apartments offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional hotel experience. Try us and be impressed.

Direct Advantages

Consider the following direct advantages our serviced apartments as opposed to traditional hotel rooms:


Serviced apartments are typically 600+ square feet—at least twice the size of typical hotel rooms.


Serviced apartments typically consist of 3-5 rooms, including kitchens. Hotels are generally just a bedroom with an en-suite.


The savings to be had by choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel are as impressive as the benefits in size and experience. Serviced apartments typically cost less than the average traditional hotel.
Additionally, our residents have the facility of preparing a meal within the apartment instead of eating out. 


Our guests are assured of booking their whole group in one secure and private apartment. Whether your traveling with work colleagues or on holiday with your family, be assured that you reside in one apartment rather than rooms scattered throughout a hotel.